About Us

Redina Group was established in 1995 after securing the licenses for Hush Puppies apparel and undergarments. This sprung out of a decade long relationship with the Hush Puppies brand principals at Wolverine World Wide Inc (NYSE: WWW) based in Michigan, USA.

As Redina built their name in contemporary design, quality merchandising, and strong sales networks in South-East Asia, the group gained further licenses with other international brands most notably the Jockey brand of men’s and ladies’ undergarments and activewear in 2004. Over the years, they also expanded the Hush Puppies product line to include luggage, bed-linen, and leather goods.

These global companies, all stellar names in retail, appreciate Redina’s ability to interpret foreign brands for regional demand, and trust Redina as stewards for their brands in South-East Asia. For these reasons, Redina enjoys long-term licensing relationships with all their partners, with ever-expanding product portfolios.

With over 50 retail outlets and 450 distribution points, Redina Group is looking to expand their reach in the region by capitalizing on their established supply chains, and by investing in the presence of their portfolio brands.